Sell my House without an Agent

Sell my House without an Agent

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How can I sell my house alone?  Hmmm, that’s a very good question.  A home is a big and valuable investment that every homeowner with the desire, can and should have. When you decide to sell your property, the best choice would be to have a real estate agent.

Aside from keeping the things easier, when considering “should I sell my house without representation?” there are other things to keep in mind.

  1.  It could save you thousands of dollars
  2.  They will save you a lot of time
  3.  A Realtor can make the transaction hassle free

Having a realtor on your side will be one of the very best decisions that you can make.

Real estate agents can help you to sell your property within the price range you desire…maybe even more. Realtors can give homeowner’s useful tips on how to sell their home at a higher value.  If your home needs renovations, an agent will make useful suggestions.

However, if you really want to sell it all by yourself, here are some of the tips:

Get the Right Price for Your Home

So you’ve decided “I am going to sell my house” so you need to determine the right selling price. You will need to do a market analysis and see what price you can get. This will help to determine the current value of your home as compared to other properties similar to yours in the same general neighborhood.

Get a Flat Fee Listing on the MLS

If you really want to sell it faster and have the most number of buyers to see your property, then it’s important to get your home listed on the MLS to save yourself some time. There will be no commissions paid to the seller’s agent; but a flat fee of 3% commission that you would normally pay in a contractual agreement.

Property Marketing

Other ways to help in selling your house faster would include the need to market it on different internet sites such as Zillow, Facebook, Craigslist and Trulia. These sites allow you to include such information as  floor plans, property photography, virtual tours and even brochures by some of the best marketing specialists in town. Home renovation or home reconstruction is also one of the best ideas also to get the price that you want or gain more than you think you could ever have from your property.

Initiate an Open House

It is very important to initiate an open house especially within the first weeks. Open houses can help you to get the real value of the house and buyers could spend more time touring the house. It is also one way to market and know the things to improve it so that you might get higher selling price.

Always Prepare to Show Your House

Homeowner’s should be prepare for buyers who have an interest in visiting their property once it is on the market. Your property should be in “viewing mode” that is to say, in good condition at all times. The house should be thoroughly cleansed including the windows and floors and it should be cozy and comfortable. The house should be presentable.

Prepare the Requirements within the Laws of Your Area

Every state has different law requirements in the real estate world and every seller and buyer should have some basic knowledge of what they are in order to avoid what could be costly penalties/fines down the road. Once you have decided “I am going to sell my house” be aware of the legalities associated with the process in a sell/buy transaction. Be sure to prepare well in advance because you never know when that perfect buyer will come along.

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